Promising Careers

There are many fulfilling careers out there applying the skills we teach! Your career prospects are getting better already!




No matter which program you choose, the skills you learn will get you into fields where opportunities are boundless! Laser & Beauty Institute makes efforts to assist its graduates in obtaining employment that fully utilizes the knowledge and skills we provide. Placement assistance and job information is available without charge to all current students and graduates.

Our campus keeps a listing of known current job openings in the local area. Laser & Beauty Institute works with businesses in the community such as salons, spas, hotels, barbershops, health clinics and renowned make-up and product companies to help open doors for our alumni.




Stack The Odds In Your Favor & Get An Education With Career Benefits!

If you are tired of working a dead end job, or are just looking for a career that will make you happy for the long term, we have the perfect solution for you! We focus our curriculum on building our students up and molding them into business people and beauty entrepreneur's!

The skills our students develop are ones which will provide the right start down a path toward a fulfilling career and a happy life. Our programs are designed so that students are taught the technician skills, as well as how to go out into the world and get the most out of them!

We go above and beyond most other beauty schools by providing education on MedSpa management, marketing, book-keeping and other key topics, both through in-class lectures and in special guest speaker sessions so every student will be ready to take the world by storm!



Learn More About Exciting Careers You Can Start

Because we care deeply about each one of our students and honestly wish them to find success and happiness after graduating from LBI, we have an online Career Resource Center which is available to all of our students! Our Career Resource Center is the place where you will find some of the awesome services we can provide to our students that will help them find employment after graduation.

We also have a library of links to various job boards and employment websites which can be used to help find job's in the wonderful world of skin-care & beauty! Learn More About Careers after LBI!